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In aiming for an IPO or M&A, Maverick is an invaluable partner.

Representative Director
Ryunosuke Yoda
Business Description
Specialized recruitment support for ophthalmology


Contact. Incの事業説明図

We are a unique company specializing in recruiting support for ophthalmology, focusing primarily on a rare profession within the medical field—’Certified Orthoptist.’ Certified orthoptist, also known as ophthalmic examination technicians, play a crucial role in eye care, and the partnership between them and ophthalmologists is vital for effective patient care.

Currently, the ophthalmology industry faces significant challenges in recruitment, with both job seekers and employers encountering various difficulties:
Job seekers face a lack of platforms and information for recruiting certified orthoptist.
Employers struggle with the inability to quantify the skills of job seekers.

These challenges on both sides can be summarized in one word: lack of information. By facilitating the recruitment process, our company aims to address industry challenges, creating a society where ophthalmologists, certified orthoptist, and everyone involved in eye care can find satisfaction and fulfillment in their work.

My encounter with Maverick

My encounter with Maverick came through the introduction by Mr. Tsuboi, a legal scrivener at Tsuboi Legal Office. At the age of 23, when I ventured into entrepreneurship, I was faced with numerous uncertainties. Mr. Tsuboi, who had previously introduced me to lawyers and others, was someone I trusted immensely.

Given Mr. Tsuboi’s trust in Maverick as a reliable tax accountant, I felt confident in placing my trust in them as well. After all, an introduction is a testament to trust. During that time, I asked Mr. Tsuboi the following question:

“Can the person in charge from Maverick contribute significantly to the growth of Contact?”

Mr. Tsuboi provided a reassuring response:

“Yes, absolutely.”

My impression of Maverick

At the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey, there were many uncertainties about what to do and how to proceed. However, Maverick guided me swiftly and thoroughly, providing invaluable assistance. The use of Slack for seamless communication is also a noteworthy aspect.

Maverick is an irreplaceable partner for Contact, and as we aim for IPOs and M&A in the future, they are a reliable presence we can depend on.

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