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We offer consistent support tailored to the growth phase, from inception to listing

Growing companies require different priorities and governance at each stage of their growth process, facing a diverse range of challenges along the way.

Our team, in addition to tax services, possesses a wide range of knowledge and experience, including serving as external directors for growing companies, conducting accounting audits for publicly listed companies, and providing support for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

Therefore, we are capable of consistently offering optimal support tailored to each growth stage, anticipating our clients' future growth regardless of their current position. We promise to collaborate and walk alongside our clients to ensure sustainable growth for their businesses.

How we can help

Seed / Early Stage

  • Introduction to Cloud Accounting and Utilization
  • Establishment of an Efficient Management System
  • Formulation of Capital Policy
  • Issuance of Stock Options

Middle (N-4 to N-2)

  • Insourcing of Accounting Operations
  • Establishment of Management System Considering Internal Controls
  • Selection and Implementation of IT Tools for IPO Preparation
  • Change in Accounting Policies (from Tax Law Standards to JGAAP)

Later (N-1~)

  • Early and Precision Closing of Accounts
  • J-SOX Compliance
  • Communication with Audit Firms

We possess a wide range of knowledge and experience beyond tax services.

Our corporation holds certifications as a 'freee Certified Advisor' and a 'Money Forward Cloud Certified Member,' attesting to our expertise as cloud-based accounting specialists.

The adoption of cloud-based accounting enables the automation of accounting processes, real-time data access, and remote accessibility, resulting in a significant enhancement of efficiency in accounting operations.

We actively promote the Digital Transformation (DX) of accounting processes, leveraging cloud accounting solutions and utilizing IT tools such as Slack and Google Drive. These initiatives contribute to optimizing accounting operations and facilitating seamless collaboration.

We’re committed to conduct professional judgement

Professional judgment refers to the process where experts make decisions based on the knowledge and experience they have accumulated when dealing with problems that do not have absolute answers.

In our organization, the focus is not solely on explaining risks and leaving the decision to the client; instead, we emphasize proposing the best course of action based on a thorough consideration of risks.

While accurately conveying risks is a crucial role of experts, we believe that the true value lies in the expert perspective that goes beyond, offering insights and recommendations.