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Supporting Next-Generation Businesses in Every Phase

In the context of startups, the challenges to be considered evolve with the growth phases, leading to a transformation in the skills and roles demanded of tax professionals. We aim to provide consistent support for accounting and tax-related challenges throughout all phases of growth. By addressing issues arising during the growth process, we contribute to the continued success of the next generation of Japanese companies that will shape the future.


Specialist Insight, Generalist Flexibility

As specialists with profound expertise and at the same time, generalists with a broad range of knowledge and experience, we aspire to be a group of professionals capable of providing optimal support tailored to each growth phase.


Enjoy our growth

Continuously fostering personal growth contributes not only to the overall development of our firm but also to the growth of our clients, creating a positive cycle of progress. At Maverick, we cherish the value of embracing and enjoying such a virtuous cycle of growth.

Maverick's DNA

Adopt a learning-oriented mindset

We cultivate an environment where we offer challenging experiences and enable our people to grow in a way that brings out their best.

Deliver excellent outcomes for clients through maintaining ongoing connections

To achieve the very best outcomes for our clients, we aim to actively reach out to clients and take a comprehensive and consistent approach to client interaction.

Work with agility to achieve better outcomes

We aim to balance speed and quality.
Increasing speed allows for gaining more experiences in the same amount of time.
As a result, pursuing speed leads to an improvement in quality.

Emphasizes the balance between being responsive and fostering trust in interactions

We stay informed and respond with agility to deliver greater comfort over the areas that matter most to our clients and to ensure client satisfaction.

Take a clear stance as an expert

We deliver the highest quality outcomes, even in uncertain situations, and make decisions based on our knowledge and experience as an expert. We do not conclude with mere explanations of pros/cons or risks but aim to provide professional insights.

Maintain a sense of gratitude and respect towards any and all individuals

We foster a culture of inclusiveness and care, valuing mutual respect and embracing our diversity.

Engage in collaboration, exchange ideas, and incorporate a variety of perspectives to enhance both personal and collective growth

Each individual contributes a distinct perspective. We aim to leverage diverse thinking by uniting brilliant minds and appreciating the variations that contribute to more robust insights and innovation.