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Onkuri. Inc

I have never experienced any stress regarding taxation.

Representative Director
Takaya Tsuchiya
Business Description
Web media production, brand consulting


Onkuri. Incの事業説明図

Onkuri is a company with a mission to ‘create a beneficial society for young people.’ We specialize in designing the brands of client companies and producing various media to convey them, including web design, logos, pamphlets, posters, photos, videos, and more.

With all four employees being creatives in various fields, our strength lies in the ability to handle everything internally, from conceptualization to production, without outsourcing. While our current focus is on commissioned consulting and production services, we are also considering ventures into providing multifaceted facilities that attract young people in the future.

My encounter with Maverick

In the early stages of founding my company in 2022, I was looking for a tax accountant firm to handle the tax and accounting aspects of the business. I had a bias that the work of tax accountants was very analog, thinking I would have to physically bring in monthly reports at the beginning of each month and make phone calls for any inquiries. I was looking for a tax accountant who could somehow modernize this process.

Therefore, my primary criterion for finding a tax accountant was their ability to leverage IT. Specifically, the ability to communicate through platforms like Slack and use SaaS cloud systems was a must. With these tools, discussions about expenses and easily reviewing monthly company profits and operating expenses could be streamlined within the system.

It was during this search that a friend who had started a business in Tokyo recommended Maverick to me, leading to my introduction to Maverick.

My impression of Maverick

I have great confidence in Maverick’s work for two main reasons.

Firstly, their sincere and dedicated approach is remarkable. When I founded my company and was completely unfamiliar with tax matters and business operations, I had numerous questions for Maverick. Some of these questions required research for answers, and many involved discussions that were sensitive or challenging for us. Nevertheless, Maverick never left judgments or perspectives entirely to the customer; they always took responsibility for their statements and actions. They not only provided explanations through chat tools but also arranged opportunities for oral explanations, whether online or in person. Looking back after nearly two years since the founding of my company, I deeply appreciate Maverick’s sincere and dedicated approach. I wonder where I would be now without their genuine support.

The second reason is the well-organized environment. When I entrust tax matters to Maverick, all tax-related documents, such as tax payment methods and account information, are meticulously organized in the Google Shared Drive. This has been incredibly helpful. When I encounter something I don’t understand in the documents, I can immediately receive responses by posting questions on Slack.

In the almost two years of operating my company, I have never felt stressed about tax matters. Maverick’s support is indispensable for realizing Onkuri’s mission of “creating a society that benefits young people.” I plan to continue relying on their assistance in the future.

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