Venture & Global

Maverick Tax Corporation is a tax accountants' corporation that has a strength in venture support and global business.
We have gone through so many experiences not only as tax accountants but also as IPO consultants, M&A advisers and management consultants. Based on the knowledge and experiences that we have learned from those business, we are to contribute to our clients' growth by providing support for taxation business as well as financial affairs and management.



For startups

We have supported so many venture companies so far. So, we are confident that we can provide the best service that fits the phase of a company growth from start-up to IPO.
We not only provide tax affairs. Business planning, capital policy creation, financing, internal control building and supporting audits are all our areas to provide supports in resolving various cases that venture companies may face.


For foreign companies

We are providing necessary one-stop back office services for companies that develops in Japan market from abroad.
Account book creation, payroll accounting as well as payment remittance duties and reporting to headquarters in English are the supports that we provide.
We have great achievements and know-hows in supporting Japanese subsidiaries of many foreign affiliate companies.
Foreign affiliate companies specific taxation issues or cross boarder issues can also be advised based on our cultivated knowledge and skills.


Company Name

Maverick Tax Corporation


5F, GINZA GS BLD.2, 8-11-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan


Mitch Minakata
Yoshihide Kaneko


August 3, 2020



Business Activities

Tax adviser, Bookkeeping service, Accounting consulting


Maverick Tax Corporation is hiring some new members who can grow with us.
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